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Summer 2017

Authored by Lorna Swearingen
August 22, 2017
Summer Session 2017 has come to an end. All endings give us pause to reflect upon what has transpired. “Where has summer gone?” we lament as we head off towards the task of a new school year and new beginnings.
Our clinical team also looks back and assesses where we began and how we will move forward. How will we describe to schools, therapists, physicians, parents and other referral sources what our outcome was? How will we quantify growth and success? Formal assessments fall short of doing justice to what we feel, see and observe on a daily basis. But objectify we will......and social/emotional progress summaries will be sent out. For a second though we wish we could send out the exact moments that captured accomplished gains and successes....the exact moment when we captured a new social experience, genuine shared laughter, the newfound ability to regulate ones responses thus creating a new and positive outcome, the conversations initiated, the frustrations tackled and peer interactions that were engaging and meaningful. If only these snapshots of success could be sent in a visual display to those looking for hard evidence that group work, supported peer interactions, and insight into the minds of our precious children was a powerful combination provided by our social development center......if only......
Take a minute and really look at the faces of success captured in these tiny, fleeting moments......Thank you family and friends for a wonderfully productive summer!

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