Social Development Groups

Groups are formulated based on age, social functioning, cognitive abilities, interests and communication needs. We incorporate Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Structured Play Therapy, Visual Supports, Social Skills Training, Art/Music/Movement and Behavioral Interventions.

Social Starters Ages 4-7
Play Therapy 1, 2 & 3

Core Social Groups Ages 8-12
Friendship Club 1 (Monday) & 2 (Tuesday)
Social Minds
Social Stars
Super Social
Social Climbers

Specialty Groups All Ages
Cooking Group (Elementary School through Early Junior High)
Teen Cooking Group (Late Junior High through High School)

Adolescent Groups Ages 13-19
Operation Social
Teen Exploration
Teen Time 1 (Tuesday) and 2 (Saturday)

Young Adult/Transitions Ages 18 & Up
Young Adult Group

Please check the calendar for dates and times of groups.