About Us

A labor of love and hard work plus a huge leap of faith and determination.

Founder Lorna Swearingen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose passion has always been helping children, youth and families with social, emotional and behavioral concerns.

Over the years, as a provider of home-based therapeutic services, she noticed a void in social development groups for children and youth with social learning challenges ... particularly those diagnosed with autism, social communication disorder, anxiety and ADHD.

In 2014, she launched Skills In Motion with long time friend and business associate Jessica Desorcy. Together, they envisioned a group setting where social skills could be learned, practiced and refined among like minded peers. Skills In Motion is a welcoming community where kids just “ fit in” and are accepted.


Program Director: Lorna Swearingen

Lorna received her Masters in Clinical Social Work from The Ohio State University and worked in a variety of therapeutic settings including treatment centers, hospitals, and schools. For the last 15 years, she has been the school social worker at East Providence High School. She launched a private practice ten years ago.

Lorna is recognized by colleagues for her many contributions to the mental health community and frequently receives referrals from psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, and other professionals in the field. Lorna is known for her sense of humor, her direct approach and her extreme knowledge and compassion for kids and adolescents with social learning challenges. She uses her humor and goal-oriented approach to create strategic change for clients and families.

Prior to launching Skills in Motion, she worked for the Autism Project of Rhode Island for eight years running social skills groups. Lorna is the proud mom of her two adult children who are pursuing medical careers, one a first-year resident and the other a second-year medical school student.


Program Coordinator: Jessica Desorcy

Jessica brings a dynamic, fun, and creative approach to our social programs at Skills In Motion. Her training originated with the birth of her triplets and is ongoing! Adding to her resume of experiences are her many years assisting with social skill groups at the Autism Project of Rhode Island.

It was at the Autism Project that Jess and Lorna met and solidified their synergies in social development group work that proved successful. Jessica provided social education activities, behavioral and visual support and interventions to children with a varying range of strengths and abilities. Her current position at Rhode Island School for the Deaf just adds another level of expertise to what she has to offer our children.

Jessica uses her energetic and youthful approach to effectively communicate with children to help them build skills necessary for success. Jessica is intuitive in her style and “just gets it.” She excels in knowing what is necessary and appropriate, with a deep understanding of those who present with social learning and communication challenges. Her practical, direct, and caring manner in teaching social skills and concepts is refreshing.

Jessica lives with her husband and her “greatest social trainers,” her triplets.

Marisa Soch: LICSW

Marisa received her Masters in Social Work from Boston University. She also holds a Masters in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and has completed extensive training in mediation, play therapy and Social Thinking. Marisa has over 15 years experience working with children and their families in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals and community mental health programs. She loves her work and can't imagine doing anything different. Getting to help children identify and figure out their own unique strengths to navigate life's challenges is an honor.

Orianne Rodrigues: LCSW

Orianne received her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Simmons College. Over the past 10 years, she has worked in a wide variety of settings providing individual, family and group therapy to children and adolescents. Orianne is currently a School Social Worker for the East Providence School Department.

Orianne is passionate about supporting the social/emotional needs for all children in her care. Her practical, professional and compassionate skills-based approach allows her to direct effective treatment interventions. Her strength-based practice assists children in better understanding themselves within their social environment. Her ability to communicate and relate to children with social learning challenges is a natural talent she readily shares. 

Born and raised the Ivory Coast, Orianne brings with her a culturally rich and diverse perspective.