All individual and group sessions address the following core areas of social cognition:

*Self-Awareness*          *Social Awareness*          *Self-Regulation*          *Social Resilience/Social Competency*
*Interpersonal Skills/Social Connections*          *Executive Functioning/Decision Making*          *Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving*

Come to Skills In Motion and explore our social world.

Join us on our journey where comfortably fitting in is the "norm,” and where we travel on an exciting and rewarding path towards social success.

All therapeutic services on the Skills in Motion continuum of care – except the drop-in clubs – are covered by insurance. Most insurances accepted.

For all inquiries, referrals and intakes... please call 401--787-1178

To Friends and Families of Skills In Motion:

COVID-19 came into our lives and was determined to make some major changes in how we work, learn and play. It had no mercy and was relentless in its rules and regulations as to how we would live our lives. All of us were affected especially our most vulnerable populations. Unfortunately Skills has not been spared.

It is with a heavy heart and after many sleepless nights and much deliberation it appears that we also must change with the times. It is felt at this time that delivery of services as we know them, in a social development center, would be quite difficult and in fact unsafe for our children and families. Guidelines are clear as to how we should proceed and at this time we feel ill equipped to follow them. The reality of paying exorbitant monthly rent coupled with the uncertainty of the future and not a clearly defined return date has made continued service provision in this building unrealistic. I battled the virus on a different/business level and the virus won.

Despite this unexpected turn of events we will rely upon our passion for providing much needed services in the area of social development, our resilience, and absolute belief in what we do, as well as our ability to be flexible and compassionate to move forward.

I would like to take a different approach at this time. The center located at 110 Jefferson Blvd will no longer be operating as of July 1’st. Perhaps the Governors are on to something with their phases of reentry approach to resuming our “normal” lives and activities. Skills will continue to provide both individual and group telehealth sessions on a virtual platform.

For now we will not be building based.

Our therapists and staff have been working in this manner for the past months with many of our current clients. This phase has been quite successful. Virtual sessions will be on-going and opened to any Skills clients who may be interested. Please contact us at 401-787-1178 if you are interested in virtual sessions.

Once we are assured that we can come back together in social groups and in a safe environment perhaps Skills will truly be in motion and provide services in a variety of community settings. We will then assess the efficiency and effectiveness of our virtual and community based services and create a plan for our future. It is my belief that we have to change with the times and with these changes we will uncover new and innovative ways to provide for the social needs of our children, adolescents and young adults. I am saddened to be forced into change and at the same time excited for what the future holds.

As we continue to navigate what Skills looks like in a COVID-19 world, information will be updated on our website. For now, the information on what Skills "was" will remain for new and potential clients to see what we are all about.

We are forever grateful to all of you who have journeyed with us to this point and to those who will be by our side in phase 2! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!